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Caution: The Administrators Guide contains technical information about setting up and configuring Groovix to your specifications. Administrative privileges and passwords are necessary for most administration and should be handled by an IT professional or with assistance by Groovix Tech Support.

Getting started with Groovix

This section describes the process of installing Groovix or running Groovix PAC Live; users booting Groovix for the first time are encouraged to use the Groovix installation guide below. If you know the topic you need assistance with, you can click the shortcut below to jump directly to those instructions.


Getting familiar with Groovix

This reference section describes the multiple environments, profiles and accounts contained within Groovix PAC software. Users new to Groovix are recommended to have finished the Groovix Installation Guide and have Groovix running before continuing on to this section.

Groovix Administration

This section describes the applications and tools used to administrate Groovix. This section also includes instructions on how to configure aspects of Groovix operation that are not setup during installation like printers and filtering internet traffic.

  • Groovix Menu - an application with shortcuts to popular administration tools
  • Network Settings - configures network device settings
  • Printer Administration - add, remove and configure printers used by Groovix
  • Groovix Configuration - a list of configuration files to setup Groovix to meet your custom specifications
  • Internet Filter - information on the program used by Groovix to filter internet traffic and how it can be customized
  • Wake on LAN - information on how to setup Groovix to automatically start up and shut down using WoL

Web Administration

For direct workstation administration over a network, the PACMon interface is the main interface used by IT technicians. The PACMon interface is one component of the Groovix Dashboard which all IT technicians should be familiar with.

  • PACMon - workstation administration through a web browser
  • pacRez Admin - administration of the reservation system

Groovix Remote Access

This section discusses the different ways to remotely connect to a Groovix workstation for remote administration. If you know the topic you need assistance with, you can click the shortcut below to jump directly to those instructions.

  • Remote Access Guide - A detailed step by step guide to remote control and remote administration with Groovix PAC software.
Remote Access Shortcuts
  • SSH - remote terminal access
  • VNC - remote GUI access

Other HowTos

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