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Groovix pacRez Admin can be accessed by pointing your browser to http://[ServerIP]/groovix/pacrez/login.php where [ServerIP] is the IP address of your local Groovix Server. Groovix pacRez admin uses the "staff" user account; if you do not know the password for Groovix web administration, please see your system administrator. More information on this account can be found on the Groovix Accounts page.

The pacRez Admin page looks similar to the pacRez view but has a small bar at the top of the page for customized views and settings.


To view different locations, click Views, My Views, followed by the department/branch you want to view.

Making and viewing reservations: To make a reservation, click in the time line under the workstation you want to use and the time you want your reservation to start; you will be taken to a page where entering your barcode and PIN and clicking the “submit” button will confirm your reservation, workstation, date and time.

To view the details of a current reservation, click on the black shaded area in the time line; this view will show the card number, workstation, date, start time and duration of the reservation.
Note: reservations made in pacRez Admin that are “no-shows” are not auto-deleted after five minutes. The log in screen status will not reflect that fact (showing green when in fact the machine is still reserved). Also, when making reservations through the pacRez admin interface, you DO NOT change the name of the workstation in the "Location" field; doing so will lead to inconsistent information being displayed on both machines, the original reserved machine and the one whose name was entered.