10.04 Home Directory Update

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Note: These notes are intended as a guide for experienced users and will need to be adjusted for every custom setting.

  • Change the window minimize/maximize/close placement (for best results do this before ctrl-alt-g, make permanent changes)
    • xhost +
    • su $USER (i.e. groovixtemplateuser or catalog or ... )
    • gconf-editor
      • change apps->metacity->general->button_layout to menu:minimize,maximize,close

  • Edit the Go Menu
    • remove any undesired programs that show up after upgrading to 10.04, including:
      • Internet -> x11vnc
      • Ubuntu Software Center
      • Settings -> Default Printer
    • move any programs that have switched categories since the upgrade
      • move the dictionary tool from Office to Accessories
      • move Adobe Reader from Office to Accessories
    • Fix any icons that are not showing up properly

  • Edit any quick launch icons that are not showing up properly
    • for example, use /usr/share/pixmaps/firefox.png for firefox

  • Re-Add Applets that have changed for 10.04
    • Right Click Panel (near the right hand side) and choose "Add to Panel"
    • Select "Indicator Applet" and hit "Add"