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All Groovix accounts logged in from the Groovix Login Screen (except gvadmin) use the same profile; this profile is called template.cpio and is located on each machine at /var/lib/groovix/pac/home/template.cpio. This file is always kept current with the latest version located on your local Groovix Server whenever Groovix NetCustomization, Groovix's update process, is run; this allows for making global profile changes across multiple computers simple, efficient and fast.

Any changes made to the user profile can be performed and tested on any workstation before uploading to the Groovix Server. All changes are saved to /var/lib/pac/home/groovixtemplateuser.cpio and are local to that workstation only. Only when this updated user profile has been uploaded to the Groovix server and included in the update process are changes potentially global; each workstation will still need to run the Groovix NetCustomization update process to apply these new changes.

Making changes to the user profile

Before starting, make sure you are logged in under the groovixtemplateuser account.

The first step in making changes to the user profile is to bring up the Groovix Menu and choose option 8, "make permanent changes to user environment". Once this has been activated, go about making the desired changes to the user environment including desktop shortcuts, Firefox bookmarks, desktop wallpaper, etc. Once changes have been made, log out of groovixtemplateuser and login as a regular user, like gvuser.

Note: if Firefox is still running, make sure to close it before logging out; not doing so will prompt the user to recover a previous Firefox session at every log in.

Next, while logged in as a regular user, test the recent changes made to the user environment. If all changes are working as intended, the profile must be uploaded to the server before becoming a global change. To do this, open an xterm window by opening the Groovix Menu and choosing option 4, "open an xterm window" and type the following commands as the root user:

cd /var/lib/groovix/pac/home
mkdir -p tmp
mv groovixtemplateuser.cpio template.cpio
cp template.cpio tmp/template_[todaysdate].cpio
cd tmp
gzip template_[todaysdate].cpio
scp template_[todaysdate].cpio.gz root@[ServerIP]:upload

Use the current date for [todaysdate] and the IP address of your local Groovix Server for [ServerIP].

If changes aren’t working as intended, delete the groovixtemplateuser.cpio file by typing cd /var/lib/pac/home ; rm groovixtemplateuser.cpio. With the template deleted, logging in as groovixtemplateuser will use the stable template.cpio profile you started with and repeat the process over.