Troubleshooting Corrupt Partitions

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Sometimes a partition can become corrupt from an improper shutdown or a power outage. If you find a Groovix workstation having issues booting properly, follow the steps below to attempt a repair of any corrupt partitions.

  • Boot into Groovix with a live DVD; steps on how to do this can be found here: Running Groovix PAC Live\Groovix Demo
  • Login with username/barcode gvuser and your gvuser/staff password
  • After login, press CTRL+ALT+G to pull up the Groovix Menu and type in the administrator password
  • From the Groovix Menu, choose option #4, open an xterm as the root user
  • In the terminal window, type fsck -f /dev/sda1 and press ENTER to execute the command. Answer any prompts by pressing the Y key for Yes
  • If any errors are found, re-run the command for that partition by pressing the UP ARROW key and pressing ENTER
  • Repeat the fsck -f command for the following partitions: (pressing the UP ARROW will retype the command, you can then backspace out the last number and replace it with the next in the list)

fsck -f /dev/sda6
fsck -f /dev/sda7
fsck -f /dev/sda8
fsck -f /dev/sda9

  • Type shutdown -r now to reboot the machine and try the boot process from hard drive again

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