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Installing Wake On LAN

Since Wake On LAN is not installed on default Groovix installations, using the wakeonlan command will result in error. To install the wakeonlan application, type apt-get install wakeonlan before following Wake On LAN instructions. Install the wakeonlan application on the machine you want to wake other computers on the same network.

Using Wake On LAN

Receiving Machine

Using Wake On LAN requires hardware on the receiving machines to be setup in the computers BIOS to keep the network card in a low power state when the machine is off to check for a signal to tell the machine to power on. Each individual machine you want to wake up needs to have this setting configured. Enabling this setting can be performed differently per machine. If you need assistance setting this function, performing a search for enable Wake on LAN and the model of your computer in your preferred search engine should get you steps on how to enable this setting.

Sending Machine

To use Wake on LAN (WoL), type the following terminal command wakeonlan [MACaddress] where [MACaddress] is the physical address of the machine you want to power on. To get the MAC address of the machine you want to power on, run the following terminal command ifconfig /all and look for the result labeled "Physical Address" (00:00:00:00:00:00).

Note: WoL magic packets cannot be routed past a layer-2 link, WoL will only work if the computer sending and the computer receiving are on the same IP subnet.

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