Groovix Configuration

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  • accept.conf - contains configuration information for an acceptable use policy for internet machines (if applicable)
  • c2g.conf - automated persistent SSH tunnel for non-interactive backend, Groovix tech support
  • cmon.conf - configuration information for PACMon
  • id - contains the letters gv along with the MAC address of the workstation (used as a unique identifier)
  • label - contains the workstation name (unique across entire client deployment)
  • local_IP - local IP information
  • netcustomization.conf - configuration information for the Groovix NetCustomization process
  • osversion - the version of Ubutntu linux running Groovix
  • pacrez.conf
  • pactime.conf
  • site - contains the location of the workstation
  • type - unique variable used to configure a system by workstation type (ex. kiosk to configure a Catalog workstation type) or to create a unique group for Groovix NetCustomization (ex. filtered for workstations that have an active Internet Filter)
  • type2 - another type variable
  • type3 - another type variable
  • type4 - another type variable
  • type5 - another type variable