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Learn About Groovix

Groovix FAQ - Answers to common questions about Groovix

Groovix Workstation Types

Groovix assigns workstation types to each machine, any machine can be setup to run one (or more) of the templates below. These templates can be used to segment a group of computers for specific uses or to allow patrons to choose an environment catered to their purpose for using a public computer. A Catalog machine, for example, can be customized to automatically bring up research databases and your library's online catalog. Below are the workstation types that are available by default with Groovix, click each one to learn more about their specific features. If you do not see a workstation type that fits your needs, customized types are available; please visit the Contact Information page for information on how to contact us with your customization questions.

Using Groovix

Basic Features

Advanced Features

  • Burning CDs