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Clicking the Go button on the Groovix Desktop will bring up the Groovix Go Menu (shown above), this menu is where all the programs and software packages for Groovix are organized and launched from. Clicking the mouse cursor on an application from this menu will launch the program for use by the patron. The following text details the groups of applications as they are laid out in the menu, which applications are found therein and a brief description of its use.


  • Adobe Reader - PDF document/form viewer with search capabilities
  • Calculator
  • Character Map - find, copy and paste specialized characters and symbols not located on your keyboard
  • Dictionary
  • gedit Text Editor - basic text editor
  • KMag - software package that magnifies the area around the mouse cursor
  • Take Screenshot - creates a picture file of the computer screen, customizable to be a specific part or the entire screen

CD/DVD Burning

  • Brasero Disc Burner - basic disc burning software, creates audio, video and data discs
  • K3b - advanced disc burning software, same as Brasero but also rips audio and dvd discs

To learn more about how to use this software, visit the Burning Discs with Groovix page.


  • Childsplay - suite of educational games and activities for young children
  • TuxMath - teaches younger patrons how to solve basic math problems with a videogame environment
  • TuxPaint - a child centered painting program which allows doodling, drawing and special effects
  • Tux Typing - teaches younger patrons how to type in the standard computer/typewriter layout


  • Document Viewer - basic document and image viewer
  • F-Spot Photo Manager - advanced photo manager and editor; also allows for tagging photos and playing slideshows
  • Geeqie - basic photo manager and editor
  • Scribus - desktop publishing software for creating magazine, newspaper and article style documents


  • Firefox - web browser for accessing internet media and web pages
  • Meebo - instant messaging software package


  • Drawing - software for creating technical drawings, drafts and diagrams
  • Formula - software for creating and solving mathematical formulas
  • Presentation - software for creating presentations (Compatible with Microsoft Office .ppt files)
  • Spreadsheet - software for creating spreadsheets (Compatible with Microsoft Office .xls and .xlsx files)
  • Templates - links to the Open Office website database of free downloadable templates
  • Word Processor - software for creating word documents, resumes and essays (Compatible with Microsoft Office .doc and .docx files)

Sound & Video

  • Movie Player - software used for playing movie files and DVDs
  • RealPlayer - software used to play music and RealMedia (.rm) files
  • Rhythmbox - advanced music player, includes online radio and artist information


  • Appearance - allows the user to customize Groovix themes, fonts, background and visual effects
  • Assistive Technologies - enable visual, keyboard and mouse assists for handicapped or impaired patrons
  • Keyboard - allows the user to customize keyboard settings/layout
  • Mouse - allows the user to customize mouse settings/buttons
  • Screen Resolution - allows the user to customize the resolution/screen size
  • Sound - allows the user to set sound preferences

File Browser

The file browser allows patrons to navigate the Groovix file system. Users can search for, open, delete, rename, move, copy files on an optical disc, removable flash drive, floppy or files downloaded from the internet.


An online link to the User's Guide of the Groovix Wiki