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What is Groovix

Groovix is a Linux-based Operating System from Open Sense Solutions. Groovix consists of a Linux foundation, reliable open source software and custom tools by Open Sense Solutions making Groovix efficient, secure, innovative, easy to use and customizable. Groovix offers an Operating System, web browsing, multimedia support, office applications and more all without expensive annual license fees or compatibility problems. Groovix also have built in features for public queuing, time management, reservations, print administration and web filtering capabilities.

What does Groovix offer


  • Completely locked-down environment that still allows users to download files and get work done
  • Privacy protection with timed auto-logout
  • Double security protection with each log-out and reboot
  • Remote administration with a single point of control
  • A fast environment built from the ground up specifically for public access
  • User authentication
  • Time management
  • Reservations
  • Computer monitoring
  • Content filtering
  • Print management
  • Standard or premium tech support including connect2groovix instant screen sharing for support


Groovix offers many software options including, but not limited to:

  • Firefox web browser
  • Adobe Reader
  • RealPlayer
  • Gaim instant messaging
  • OpenOffice Suite: word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, draw, math and HTML editors, as well as online Help
  • Help
  • Volume control
  • Educational games, available in the Children's and Young Adult areas

Groovix Start Menu - detailed explanation of the programs included with a default Groovix installation

Why use Groovix

Groovix offers the same ease of use, comparable software and compatibility offered by a Microsoft Windows Operating System with none of the licensing costs, upgrade headaches, security issues or annual software fees. Groovix has all of this plus is more secure from viruses and spyware, automatically updates software nightly and allows patrons a safe computing environment that is cleared of all their personal information on logout.

  • Efficient: Groovix is fast and powerful without needing powerful or expensive computer hardware
  • Secure Environment: Groovix, being Linux-based, is not susceptible to most computer viruses. Groovix software and virus definitions are updated automatically on a daily basis
  • Secure Web: Groovix uses Firefox for web browsing protecting personal outgoing information; Firefox also protects from Spyware or Malware from harmful web pages
  • Innovative: Groovix uses software that is open source and offers similar features of popular software packages without annual fees or licensing headaches
  • Easy to use: Groovix is user friendly and mimics the interface and layouts of popular operating systems and software that users are already familiar with
  • Customizable: Groovix is customizable for many different uses in public computer environments including libraries and schools
  • IT Friendly: Groovix allows for easy web administration including remote control (VNC) and remote terminal (SSH) support

Groovix and privacy

Although using a public computer to access your bank account, eBay auction or stock portfolio may not be the best choice, some patrons have no other option. In most cases, just closing the web browser before leaving a public computer isn't very safe; this won't clear out most private information or browsing history. What's worse, more and more websites are defaulting to automatically save your log in information, information that others can have access to.

This is not the case with computers running Groovix. With Groovix, once you click the logout button, patrons can feel safe knowing that all browsing history, login names/passwords and private information is deleted and inaccessible to anyone else. For added security, patrons who forget to logout will be automatically logged out after 10 minutes of inactivity. Although we strongly suggest to never rely on this feature and to logout manually, one can be rest assured that eventually the session will end and your private data will be erased.

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