Floppy disk not reading

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If a user is having problems reading a floppy disk, the most common problem is with read/write errors interfering with the way Groovix reads the data on the disk. Disks that have not been formatted in years which have been heavily used are likely to have the most errors. These errors are ignored by most other operating systems, like Windows, and may work fine on these types of computers.

If the floppy is reading fine on other operating systems, it is recommended to copy all the files from the floppy disk to the computer, format the disk and then copy the files back to the floppy disk before attempting to use the floppy on a Groovix machine. It is best to format a disk once every 6-12 months or sooner if the disk is being copied to frequently.

If the floppy is not reading on a Groovix machine but the data on it is backed up elsewhere, Groovix has a "Format Floppy" option under the Accessories section of the Groovix 'Go' Menu that will format the floppy at the current machine and allow it to be used.

Please keep in mind that formatting erases all information from the disk and cannot be recovered after performing this action.