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Groovix Reservation Station is a machine type which allows patrons to reserve other Groovix workstations. By default, workstations can be reserved one business day in advance, but can be customized. Groovix Reservation Stations can also set up a next available reservation for when all stations are in use. Groovix Reservations will analyze all current sessions and choose the workstion with the earliest ending time and place a reservation for the patron for that workstation.

With Groovix Reservations, patrons can also check to confirm the date and time of a reservation or to cancel their reservation.

Groovix Reservation Stations use a calendar view to display the status of all local workstations that are reservable. Patrons can click in the calendar grid for a specific time/workstation, type in a specific time/workstation manually or use the Next Available for a reservation at the earliest convenience.

Users can either use the buttons above the time line to make a reservation or click anywhere in the time line (that hasn't been filled in black) to make a reservation for a specific machine at a specific time.

There are four buttons at the top of the pacRez page, each takes you to a specific page:

  • Reserve Next Available Web - enter a bar code and PIN to setup an automatic reservation for the earliest time possible based on current reservation end times
  • Reserve Specific Time Web - create a custom reservation by clicking on a time and/or workstation in the time line
  • View or Delete Reservations - enter a bar code and PIN to display the time, date and workstation for a future reservation, this page will also show patrons their balance of minutes used and minutes remaining (if applicable)
  • Help - displays rules and information help page about Groovix pacRez