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Groovix pacRez is one component of the Groovix Dashboard. Groovix pacRez is a web page that displays a time line of web usage for all Groovix web systems in a given department/branch. As computers are used (or reserved), a black bar fills in the time line for the duration of the session. Any area of gray space is time a computer can be reserved.

Accessing pacRez

pacRez can be accessed two different ways:

  • In a web browser navigate to http://[ServerIP]/groovix/pacrez/ where [ServerIP] is the IP address of your local Groovix Server
  • Clicking the "reservations" button on the Groovix Dashboard

Using pacRez

Users can either use the buttons above the time line to make a reservation or click anywhere in the time line (that hasn't been filled in black) to make a reservation for a specific machine at a specific time.

There are four buttons at the top of the pacRez page, each takes you to a specific page:

  • Reserve Next Available Web - enter a bar code and PIN to setup an automatic reservation for the earliest time possible based on current reservation end times
  • Reserve Specific Time Web - create a custom reservation by clicking on a time and/or workstation in the time line
  • View or Delete Reservations - enter a bar code and PIN to display the time, date and workstation for a future reservation, this page will also show patrons their balance of minutes used and minutes remaining (if applicable)
  • Help - displays rules and information help page about Groovix pacRez

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