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Groovix demo/live/installation discs use DHCP by default to acquire a network address. If DHCP is not available the computer will not have network access but will otherwise be functional. To set a static IP during fully automated installation:

  1. Arrow down to the install with static IP option
  2. Hit tab.  (prior to Groovix 2013: hit F6 then  ESC to dismiss the dialog that pops up)
  3. Change the definitions for gxsite= gxtype= gxtype= gxlabel= , etc. as you normally would ( prior to Groovix 2013: PAC_LABEL= , PAC_SITE= , PAC_TYPE= )
  4. Also change the ip=eth0,address,,gateway section to your desired parameters in this format [ethernet device],[IP address],[subnet mask],[gateway]

NOTE: eth0 is the default first interface on a computer, sometimes it can be called something else like wlan0 for wireless cards. If eth0 doesn't work you can find the device name for your hardware after booting the live cd or doing an installation and running ifconfig from the command line.

To set a static IP post-installation:

  1. After the installation is complete and the machine is fully booted up, hit enter to login as guest, or login as user gvuser (password is usually the same as your root password)
  2. After the user environment is loaded, hit ctrl-alt-g . After a few seconds you will enter your root password.
  3. A Groovix Menu will appear, choose "Network Configuration"
  4. On the Interfaces tab:
        a. find the section for the device that will be used, usually eth0, but it may be eth1 in some cases, or ath0 or wlan0 if it is a wireless card.
        b. change dhcp to static
        c. add lines for  the other static network parameters, so it looks like this:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

  6. choose File->Save from the text editor menu.
  7. On the dns_default_nameservers tab: specify your dns servers like this:


  8. choose File->Save from the text editor menu
  9. close the text editor.  Networking will be restarted and tested.
  10. After logging out and back in again, see if you can get to (or your homepage if is not in your whitelist) in Firefox. If not, double check your settings and try again. On some hardware (especially wireless) it may be necessary to reboot after changing network parameters.
  11. Once you can browse web pages in Firefox, choose "Reboot the machine" from the ctrl-alt-g menu so your machine can be configured by the Groovix Network Customization System. 

After the reboot your machine will be complete and ready to use.