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Groovix Kiosk Users Guide

A kiosk, or public access computer, is a little bit different from home or office computers you may have used. Since it is public:

  • files you save will be deleted after you logout or if there is no activity for 5 minutes
  • arbitrary software cannot be installed by users
  • due to resource limitations or your institution's policies, certain web sites or file types may be unavailable

"Logging in" to the Kiosk

When you first walk up to the kiosk, it may display a screen saver indicating that it has been idle and is ready for use. If you do not see a screensaver, another user may have left without logging out.

When you see the blue login screen, you don't need to do anything. You will automatically be logged in under a temporary account in a few seconds.

Using Programs

A web browser will open automatically for you, but you can also start other programs by using the "Start" button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Installed programs usually include:

Using USB memory devices

Your institution may have a USB slot provided for each user. When you insert your USB memory into this slot, the contents of it will be available in a directory called "usbdrive" You can read files from your media, and also save files from programs back onto your media. Before removing your USB memory device from the USB slot, be sure to close all programs that were accessing it and then wait 5 seconds. Remove your device before logging out.

Working With Files

You can download and modify files in your own temporary space, or "work" directory. There is no file browser available, but you can navigate directories using Firefox or Open Office when you save and open files.

Because this is a public computer, any files that you want to save must be saved using one of the following methods:

  • save them to a USB memory device (see "Using USB memory devices" above)
  • attach the file(s) to an email sent to yourself using a web email program like GMail
  • no longer exists upload your files to an online storage service like Yahoo Briefcase

Once your files have been saved in a secure permanent location, you can log out of the kiosk and all files saved on the kiosk will be permanently deleted to protect your privacy.

Logging Out

Please note that you will also be logged out automatically if you do not move the keyboard or mouse for 5 minutes. Before logging out, make sure that you have saved any files you were working on a USB drive, by emailing them to yourself, or through an online storage site. When you are finished using the kiosk, be sure to logout.

The logout process will completely eliminate any trace of your files or activities on the computer.

About Groovix Kiosks

We would love to hear your feedback about your experience using our kiosk computers. Send an email to kiosk_help at with comments or questions and we promise we'll respond.

Groovix kiosk computers are designed to offer a fast, secure, and convenient public computing experience with no administration required. We use Ubuntu GNU/Linux software not because of the huge cost savings, but because GNU/Linux is more flexible, stable, and technologically advanced than other popular operating systems. Learn more at