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The default maximum escrow amount on Jamex coin boxes is $5.00. This means that you cannot put more than $5.00 of money into it, so you will be unable to release any print jobs with a value greater than $5.00. To increase the maximum escrow amount:

  1. open up the back panel of the coin box using the key hole halfway up the unit on the right side
  2. locate the yes, no, and reset button on the circuit board above the black box on the door
  3. while holding down the yes button, press and release the reset button. hold in the yes button for at least 1 second after you press reset.
  4. the unit will display "Escrow" followed by the current setting
  5. press the no button to increment the maximum escrow amount by $0.50 until it reaches your desired value
  6. if you want to decrease it, hold the no button in and immediately press the yes button to decrease the amount in $0.50 increments
  7. press the yes button 5 times to bypass the rest of the unit settings and exit programming mode
  8. at any point in the process you can hit the reset button to start over