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The Groovix demo provides an easy way to try Groovix on your hardware and can be run "live" without making changes to your computer. The demo is just one example of what's possible with Groovix and includes a whitelisted card catalog mode and a web/office mode with simple time management. We can customize every aspect of the software for you including time quotas, reservations, print management, filtering, acceptable use policies, authentication and remote management. We can customize Groovix to support additional hardware and software as well.

Please visit the Contact Information page to call us with any questions or to schedule a personal demo of additional features.

Downloading the Demo

The current build of the Groovix Demo Disc is available for download at the following url:

We also have a Raspberry Pi 3 version

Creating Bootable Media

The Groovix Demo is an .iso file (a disc image) which must be written as a disc image to a writable DVD or USB drive.

To learn how to create a bootable USB flash drive, see BootingFromUsb

To learn how to create a bootable DVD from a .iso image, the Ubuntu Community how to is recommended as it includes steps for all popular Operating Systems.

Getting started with the demo

Once you have downloaded the demo and created a bootable DVD or USB drive:

  • insert the disc in any computer capable of booting DVD/USB and reboot
  • select the "Groovix Live" option to try the Groovix demo without modifying your existing files on the hard drive
  • steps for the different ways to install Groovix can be found in the Groovix Installation Guide page

Here are some tips for trying out the demo disc:

  • the demo Card Number is demo and the PIN is 1234
  • the root password is groovix
  • after logging in, pressing Ctrl-Alt-g will bring up the Groovix Menu, the password is groovix

Note: Running Groovix Live from DVD/USB is relatively slow to start up and requires more system resources than a normal installation. For full speed operation, a hard drive installation is recommended.

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