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To enable Google Cloud Printing ( https://www.google.com/cloudprint/learn/ ) for your Groovix print release queues, first contact Open Sense Solutions at 888-323-1742 to get the google cloud print connector installed on your Groovix server. You must perform the next step yourself because it involves logging into your google account that you will control and manage. If you'd like we can assist you through this process on the phone but please have these instructions available for reference. After this is complete let Open Sense know and we will complete the process.

1. Login to your Groovix server as root

2. run:
gcp-cups-connector-util init

and answer the questions as follows:

Enable local printing?

Enable cloud printing?

Retain the user OAuth token to enable automatic sharing?

User or group email address to share with:
( enter your google account email address here, you should receive an email with a link that you will use to configure cloud printing )

Proxy name for this GCP CUPS Connector:
( some name like YOURLIBRARYNAME-groovix )
Visit https://www.google.com/device, and enter this code. I'll wait for you.

( login to your google account in any web browser ( probably not on your Groovix server ) and enter the code shown here)
Acquired OAuth credentials for robot account

The config file /root/gcp-cups-connector.config.json is ready to rock.
Keep it somewhere safe, as it contains an OAuth refresh token.

3. now run: gcp-cups-connector

4. now in any web browser ( probably not on your Groovix server ) login to the google account that you logged into during the last step of gcp-cups-connector-util init and go to: https://www.google.com/cloudprint#printers

for each printer you want to make available in the cloud:

find the printer, click on share, change from private to "anyone with the link has access"

change page limits to unlimited

grab the link that looks like: https://www.google.com/cloudprint/addpublicprinter.html?printerid=...

and create shortened url to give your patrons or put a link to it on your home page

now contact Open Sense Solutions at 888-323-1742 to complete the process.