Editing Windows Client Config

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Open File Explorer, click File, then ‘Change folder and search options’

Click the View Tab

Enable the option ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives’

Uncheck the checkbox for ‘Hide extensions for known file types’

Click OK

Navigate to C:\ProgramData

Right-click Libki folder and choose Properties

Click Security Tab

Click the Edit Button then the Add... Button

Type in gxadmin for the username

Click Check Names then click OK

Click the checkbox for Full Control under the Allow column

Click the OK button

Click the OK button

Navigate to the Libki folder

Edit the Libki Kiosk Management System.ini file

For example you can change the login screen logo or even have it show dynamic content like the reservation status:

[images] logo="http://groovix-server/groovix/libki/login.py?name=( put this computer's GX_LABEL here )"