Configure windows closing messages

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At present Groovix linux installation closing time settings do not affect windows installations.

You can set up windows scheduled tasks to warn users when the library is closing.

You can edit C:\ProgramData\Groovix\Scripts\closing-time-warnings.vbs for your specific situation.

For example, if you want:

  • an initial warning at 15 minutes before closing time
  • a second warning at 10 minutes before closing time
  • your user's to be kicked off the computers at 5 minutes before closing time
  • your library closes at 8PM


  • time1 = 5 ( time1 is the time in minutes between the initial warning and the second warning )
  • time2 = 5 ( time2 is the time in minutes between the final warning and shutdown )
  • change the message1 and message2 variables as desired
  • schedule closing-time-warnings.vbs to run at 7:45PM

You can set the task scheduler to repeat weekly and choose multiple days of the week, so for a typical M-R, F, S schedule you need to set up 3 scheduled tasks.

Here is one guide to using the windows scheduler: