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Chromeboxes are no longer recommended for running Groovix. There have been intermittent problems with some recent kernels, and the only fix we've found so far is carefully selecting which kernels the chromeboxes get. Any chromeboxes already in use will be supported through 2020, but we do not recommended purchasing any more chromeboxes.

There are other similar computers that will run standard Linux out of the box like the Zotac Zbox B series, and they have better specs for around the same cost.

Chromeboxes are locked down to only run Google Chrome OS and if you want to run standard Linux you have to jump through a few hoops. Here are some very rough chromebox instructions.

1. Play with it a bit to make sure the hardware is functioning correctly in case it needed to be returned.

2. remove the write protect screw ( I originally did this after step 6 but no reason to wait, if you forget might cause problems)

The picture is accurate but shows machine with wifi card, ssd, and ram removed. looking at it carefully it appears it will not hurt anything structurally to leave it out permanently, you should be able to put it back in after step 12 but I haven't tried it, and in the future if you want to update the firmware you'll have to take it back out.

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3. To invoke Recovery mode, you insert a paper clip to press the RECOVERY BUTTON (near the kensington lock) and press the Power button. Release the RECOVERY BUTTON after a second.

4. You will see the "os is missing" recovery screen. press Ctrl-D (there's no prompt - you have to know to do it).

5. It will ask you to confirm - press the RECOVERY BUTTON again using a paperclip

6. After reboot it will show the "os is missing" boot screen and you need to press Ctrl-D or wait to continue booting.

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7. it will boot to the normal chrome os login screen. hit ctrl-alt-f2 to get a shell prompt

8. login as user chronos (no password required)

9. Download and run the setup script with the commands: curl -L -O

sudo bash 3Tfu5W

10. Enter the number for "Install/Update: Custom Coreboot Firmware " and hit Enter

11. follow the prompts, I put in a usb drive to back up the firmware onto, I would do this once per batch of chromeboxes you are imaging assuming they all have the same firmware installed.

12. reboot

13. remove firmware backup usb drive if inserted.

14. insert a Groovix installation usb drive and boot up

15. hit esc ONCE about 2 seconds after turning on power for boot options, choose option for usb drive. (hitting escape after the boot option menu is triggered will exit out of that menu!)

16. install groovix as normal