Changing Label Site or Types

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Changing Label/Site/Types

If you need to modify a workstation's label, site, or types after it has been imaged you can edit /etc/groovix/groovix.conf from the command line or select "Groovix Configuration" option from the Groovix GUI admin menu which is triggered by hitting ctrl-alt-g inside a Groovix session.

After adding a label, site, or type, changes will be picked up on the next reboot. However, if you are changing the label or site or removing a type, a few extra steps are required. This is because there is no logic in Groovix Net Control to undo changes triggered by previous label/site/type values. In a time crunch you may be able to get away with changing label/site/type values without re-imaging depending on your configuration, but re-imaging is very easy and runs unattended in 10-60 minutes.

After changing the label or site or removing a type you need to run "Groovix Automatic Re-Image" from the Groovix GUI (ctrl-alt-g) menu or groovix-auto-re-image from the command line