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You may use a bootable USB Flash Drive to install or run Groovix if your hardware supports USB booting.

See CreatingBootableUsb for help on creating a bootable usb drive.

Booting from USB

After preparing the USB drive, insert the USB Flash drive containing the Groovix PAC software into a USB port your machine and power it on. Depending on your machine and its boot settings, it may be necessary to manually prompt your workstation to boot from USB devices; to do this, press the key indicated to enter setup or boot menu of your workstation's BIOS. BIOS information is usually displayed at the bottom of the screen immediately after the computer is powered on.

If you have the option, choose boot menu, this will display all the devices that the workstation can boot from; choose USB Device. If the only option available is enter setup, find the option to configure the boot order or boot priority and change USB devices to be first in the list and exit the BIOS saving your changes.